Mirror, Mirror … Wait, Don’t I Know You?

The old adage, everything old is new again has found a new shiny friend: faux antique glass mirror.


In the last year, Jancik Arts International, Inc. has seen a rise in requests for large scale faux antique glass mirror and sister products such as satin finish bronze mirror and satin finish silver mirror (also referred to as etched mirror). Not to be upstaged, the popular antiqued silver and gold leaf mirror remains timeless and never goes out of style.

Nostalgia could be one explanation for the antique mirror resurgence, or it could be the irresistible pull of juxtaposition in design. Jancik Arts is working on one such project, where a 6-foot by 4-foot satin finished bronze mirror will have graphics applied to it, identifying the floor and condominium number on each floor. Amidst the sharp sleek design of the condominium’s interior, the etched bronze mirror mutes the approaching reflection, creating a soft visual effect at the end of each hallway.

The techniques involved in creating a faux antique glass mirror are as varied as they are numerous. Here at Jancik Arts we work hand in hand with the designer or owner to ensure their vision is realized in a cost effective and timely manner.

More and more, we see mirrors involved in overhead work. While consulting on the installation of mirror ceiling panels located in the SHARE restaurants designed by Jeffrey Beers, International, which is endorsed by famed chief and TV personality Curtis Stone, Jancik Arts problem solved the unique challenge of overhead installation work. The designer used mirror for its subtle properties befitting the low light mood of the restaurants.

Applications of faux antique glass mirror are plentiful, i.e. room divider screens, framed and unframed wall and ceiling installations, table edging, and counter fronts applique, to name a few. Any or all beautifully compliment both traditional and contemporary interiors.

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