Handsome Decorative Grilles Installed with Ease

Interior designers have incredible imaginations. Visions that can be quickly sketched on paper or realized in their minds are sometimes a production challenge.

And that’s where the fun begins!


Jancik Arts International specializes in production challenge solutions, or as we like to call it, production challenge prevention.

Recently, a design team approached Jancik Arts to manufacture and install three 3-foot by 8-foot 6-inch decorative metal grilles at the registration desk of the Atlanta Airport Hilton. One of the panels was horizontally positioned on the face of the registration desk, while the other two panels were situated vertically on wall behind the desk.

Because the specs called for no exposed fasteners, the challenge was to produce a seamless and safe installation with hidden fasteners. Jancik Arts met the designers’ desire for a sleek solution by using a “keyhole” system mounting bracket.

The keyholes were water jet cut, producing precise locations and identical shapes. Then, the backside of each keyhole in the bracket was machined so the bracket could rest tightly against the mounting surface while allowing a space for the strategically placed buttons on the back of the decorative screen to poke through. These buttons slide into the smaller opening of the keyhole to lock the panels into place.

The bracket, made of a quarter-inch by one-inch flat bar frame, matches the edging dimensions of the water jet cut decorative screen, making installation a breeze.

decorative grilles brackets

The pre-fit flat bar frame brackets are measured for placement and mounted to the surface, with the appropriate screws through the pre-drilled countersunk holes.

decorative grilles mounting

The decorative panel with buttons attached to the back line up perfectly with the keyholes on the bracket. A slide from right to left, or up to down, depending on the panel installation orientation, makes for a simple, solid connection.

The result is a clean look with an easy, quick, and professional onsite installation. The panels appear to float off the wall with no visible means of attachment!

So, dream on designers—Jancik Arts loves keeping up with your imaginations!

Atlanta Airport Hilton reception desk

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Jancik Arts International Teams with Worthington Millworks

Jancik Arts International is pleased to announce an agreement with Worthington Millwork to distribute our new exclusive line of stained glass ceiling domes.


At a size of 6 feet 8 inches, these beautiful interior domes can be positioned effortlessly into any structure, through any door, and are quick and easy to install. Made of real stained glass, and handcrafted individually in the United States, our ceiling domes make an exquisite statement in your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, foyer, or any area in your home. The timeless designs and elegant hues of our stained glass domes enhance and brighten any space.

livingroom stained glass ceiling dome

Our beautiful Savoy dome adds elegance in a dining area

Harlequin stained glass ceiling dome

Our stylish Harlequin dome graces a bathroom ceiling

Manor stained glass ceiling dome

Our Manor dome makes a sophisticated statement in a foyer

Angelique Jackson, president of Jancik Arts International said, “We are excited to work with Worthington Millwork. With more than 20,000 clients, Worthington Millwork’s knowledge of the luxury home industry is invaluable. We designed the domes specifically to meet a variety of needs. The dome frame, plus authentic stained glass inserts, can be installed in less than 3 hours and shipped within approximately 4‒5 weeks of the order.”

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Stained Glass for Worship Spaces

With more than 36 years of experience in creating stained glass structures for diverse worship spaces, Jancik Arts International, Inc. has built a solid reputation of high-level craftsmanship, meeting the highest of standards, deadlines, and budgets.


LDS stained glass dome

“Celestial” 21-foot dome ‒ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Orlando, FL

Jancik Arts has created and installed original and owner supplied designs for religious structures worldwide, including projects ranging from massive 21-foot diameter stained glass domes to intimate art glass and metal chandeliers. Our experience in stained glass, carved glass, decorative acrylic, and art metal work offers members of all faiths a unique opportunity to commission inspirational art.

Our Lady of Fatima Stained Glass Windows

“Creation” – Our Lady of Fatima
Catholic Church

Stained Glass is becoming a lost art


Our talented craftsmen have learned their skills from the previous generation, inspired by centuries of experience, reflection, and wisdom.

Today, unfortunately, many studios employ quick and cheap techniques and materials. Often these approaches do not endure the proven authentic craft and are not representative of the visual integrity justifiably expected.

At Jancik Arts, we encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary concerning price estimates to material choices.

Contact us for your complimentary consulting session.

St. Jerome stained glass window

“Life of Christ” and “The Sacraments” – St. Jerome
Catholic Church
(2) 8’x40’ scissors walls
Beveled and German Antique

LDS Santo Domingo stained glass window

LDS Temple – Dominican Republic (14) 6’x30’ Curtain Walls


Jancik Arts is an honored recipient of the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture Excellence in Design Award.

Residence Stained Glass windows

Private Residence

We are master craftsmen, with more than 36 years of experience in art glass (including cast, stained, carved glass, antique mirrors) and art metal (railings, grilles, doors, gates, light fixtures, and sculptures) in residential, hospitality, and worship spaces.

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The Art of Antiqued Mirrors

For the past few years, many design professionals have increasingly specified antiqued mirrors for display in homes, hotels, restaurants, and high-rises.


antiqued mirrored wallThe following information sheds new light on how different applications can showcase antiqued mirrors. As always, we recommend consulting with an expert to guide you in making the right choice to convey the look and mood you’re seeking for a particular room. If you do not know someone, you are welcome to reach us on our contact us page.

Why use antiqued mirrors?

Antiqued mirrors give new life to a room and help to convey a mood, as when they’re installed on a ceiling to reflect candles. They can make a room seem larger than it is. And when installed as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, they brighten the space in a stunning way. The applications and styles are limitless!

Watch out for the bait and switch

low quality preprinted antiqued mirrorIt’s unfortunate that many antiqued mirrors are simply “preprinted” greyish looking mirrors that do not remotely compare to an authentic antiqued mirror. Often, contractors choose a vendor that offers this less expensive option, resulting in a much less aesthetically pleasing product. It is crucial that once the client approves a sample (and the budget has been established), the contractor must use the specified vendor, regardless of increased cost. If you value satisfaction, seek the advice of an expert.

Antiqued mirrors are custom, or handcrafted, which is why they are so unique. Prices range from approximately $30 per square foot to well over $120 per square foot when powder diamond or authentic gold leaf applications are used.

Styles vary from the very simple to the more detailed stencil-patterned antiqued mirrors.

Examples shown here include the mass-produced low-range priced mirrors and the artisan-crafted higher priced mirrors.

medium range antiqued mirrorhandcrafted antiqued mirrorCompared to the imitation antiqued mirror shown above left, the image to the immediate left is a nice example of a lower priced mirror.

Notice that the pattern has more contrast than the one above it and isn’t as dull looking. The other mirror looks acceptable, but it lacks depth, compared to the picture of the handcrafted mirror on the right.

Antiquing mirrors, when crafted correctly, involves a lot of trial and error. This is what uniquely defines the process as an art, and it is by this gained experience that the artist is able to produce a product worthy of its distinct environment.

I want something that is soft
The examples below show a softer line, producing a reflection that is very subtle, almost velvety looking.

soft line golden hue antiqued mirrorsoft line silver tint antiqued mirrorThe image on the left shows a warmer design, with some golden hues, whereas the one on the right has a more traditional silver tint.

I want something with raindrops
By using different techniques, the artist can create varying and interesting patterns, including what appears to be a reverse effect (center), shadow (left), and speckled (right).


antiqued mirror raindrop effect

The level of antiquing can be increased and new hues of colors can be added, such as this medium antiquing with blue hue and rust undertones (below).medium antiquing with blue tint

I want more depth
To add even more interest to antiqued mirrors, gold, silver, or copper leaf can be applied to create a gilded effect (as seen below), and diamond dust can add interesting variations of subtle glitter to the mirror.

antiqued mirror gold leaf

I want patterns
Surprisingly, few designers are aware that antiqued mirrors can also incorporate stenciled patterns that will add a new layer of distinction and complexity to the design, so be sure to choose your designer carefully. From old gold to copper to Verdigris colors, these reflective patterns can add a unique feature to any room.

antiqued mirror gold design gilded copper antiqued mirror gilded forest antiqued mirror shadow effect antiqued mirror

Let your imagination flow
I hope this short article helped you get a better idea of the vast array of designs you can have for your project. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions.

About Jancik Arts International, Inc.
We are master craftsmen with more than 36 years of experience in art glass (including cast, stained, carved glass, antiqued mirrors) and art metal (railings, grilles, doors, gates, light fixtures, and sculptures) in residential, hospitality, and worship spaces. Click here to view our inspiring portfolio of stained glass work and more.

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Mirror, Mirror … Wait, Don’t I Know You?

The old adage, everything old is new again has found a new shiny friend: faux antique glass mirror.


In the last year, Jancik Arts International, Inc. has seen a rise in requests for large scale faux antique glass mirror and sister products such as satin finish bronze mirror and satin finish silver mirror (also referred to as etched mirror). Not to be upstaged, the popular antiqued silver and gold leaf mirror remains timeless and never goes out of style.

Nostalgia could be one explanation for the antique mirror resurgence, or it could be the irresistible pull of juxtaposition in design. Jancik Arts is working on one such project, where a 6-foot by 4-foot satin finished bronze mirror will have graphics applied to it, identifying the floor and condominium number on each floor. Amidst the sharp sleek design of the condominium’s interior, the etched bronze mirror mutes the approaching reflection, creating a soft visual effect at the end of each hallway.

The techniques involved in creating a faux antique glass mirror are as varied as they are numerous. Here at Jancik Arts we work hand in hand with the designer or owner to ensure their vision is realized in a cost effective and timely manner.

More and more, we see mirrors involved in overhead work. While consulting on the installation of mirror ceiling panels located in the SHARE restaurants designed by Jeffrey Beers, International, which is endorsed by famed chief and TV personality Curtis Stone, Jancik Arts problem solved the unique challenge of overhead installation work. The designer used mirror for its subtle properties befitting the low light mood of the restaurants.

Applications of faux antique glass mirror are plentiful, i.e. room divider screens, framed and unframed wall and ceiling installations, table edging, and counter fronts applique, to name a few. Any or all beautifully compliment both traditional and contemporary interiors.

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For the Love of Stained Glass Design: Frank Lloyd Wright

Stained glass design is a unique element in architectural design.


Known for its radiant beauty and inspiration, the elegant freedom of art glass is paradoxically bound to form and structure.

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most accomplished and influential figures in stained glass design. He understood the relationship between not only form and structure, but form and function, leading Wright to design stained glass skylights, backlit stained glass ceiling panels, art glass wall sconces, and leaded glass table lamps, all in his classic geometric style.

marion block opera house stained glass

Marian Block Opera House stained glass window

All artists have their inspirations, and the team at Jancik Arts International is no different. Principal and chief designer Angelique Jackson cites Frank Lloyd Wright as a major influence in her career. Trained as a professional draftsperson, Angelique was inspired by Wright’s use of glass in his buildings, using what he called organic architecture, to seamlessly merge his art glass with its surroundings. This use of glass directed Angelique’s formal studies in architecture toward stained glass design and architectural accessories.

When interior designer Randy Schrader commissioned Jancik Arts to install stained glass windows in the stairwell of the historic Marion Block Opera House, he requested an optimum amount of natural light, but also wanted the stained glass windows to hide or disguise the adjacent brick building. In a nod to Wright’s organic architecture, rather than hide the color and rich texture of the brick next door, the Jancik Arts team decided to feature this element as an enhancement. Light sensitive German antique glass was selected in colors that complimented both the adjacent building and the Marion Block building that houses the work. This translucent type of glass afforded the much needed natural light, while the handsome Wright inspired geometric design complimented the overall structure in which the windows are housed.

stained glass transom window

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass transom window

stained glass ceiling dome

Exposition 12-foot stained glass ceiling dome

Sometimes the environment calls for a particular style of design. Sometimes the client simply says “Frank Lloyd Wright,” and their desire is clear, as was the case with this stained glass transom created for a private residence in Chappaqua, NY, or this beautiful 12-foot stained glass dome titled Exposition.

Whether it’s a stained glass window, a stained glass ceiling dome, or any art glass accessory in between, Jancik Arts International can create stained glass designs in any style, producing timeless beauty that will endure for generations to come.

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How To Order a Custom Stained Glass Ceiling Dome

All stained glass domes are not created equal


Jancik Arts is working on an oval stained glass ceiling dome for a private residence. Very few stained glass studios have the expertise to create a true oval dome.

In this article, we are covering the basics of ordering a custom stained glass ceiling dome. While budget is often the main driver for stained glass domes, there are many aspects that should be taken into account.

Stained Glass Dome Request

A general contractor recently asked us to create an oval dome. The conversation went a bit like this:

“Can you produce a large 7’-0” x 11’-0” oval dome that includes the frame and stained glass?” Our answer was a resounding “Yes!” “How did you hear about us?” we asked.

“A stained glass dome specialty company in California told us that they were unable to construct a difficult oval shape, but felt certain that Jancik Arts International, Inc. could.”

It’s a fact that very few companies in the United States have this capability. You might wonder why an oval shaped dome would be more difficult to create than a round one.  (more…)

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SHARE Restaurants on Princess Cruises/Holland America Revits

Completion of the Chef Curtis Stone SHARE Restaurant Signage

Jancik Arts International (JAI) and Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) are pleased to announce the completion of decorative art glass and metal signage screens in Chef Curtis Stone’s signature SHARE restaurants for the Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess revits. The screens are eight feet tall and span five panels.

Given a tight deadline and a limited budget, we simplified JBI’s original concept to stay within the project’s specific parameters without sacrificing the design’s intent.

To save weight, we used CNC routing for the aluminum framework and dressed the frames with a blackened steel finish. The result is a stunning wall of shape and texture.

Because the constant micro vibrations on a cruise ship can lead to wear and tear on the glass, we secured each piece of glass within the frame using proprietary techniques to avoid rattling and potential breakage.

The revit of a cruise ship usually lasts three weeks, so every minute saved during installation is instrumental in delivering a ship on time. To this end, we engineered mounting brackets to assist the contractors with a safe and speedy installation.

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Kaleidoscope Sculpture

Jancik Arts International, Inc., to create an 8 foot outdoor Kaleidoscope Sculpture


Indian River Medical Center (IRMC) Foundation of Vero Beach, Florida, has commissioned Jancik Arts International to design, fabricate, and install an 8-foot long fully functional kaleidoscope. The featured sculpture will be located at the heart of the Scully-Welsh Cancer Center Garden. (click here for concept image)

The Healing Garden concept is spearheaded by Array Architects’ Jonathan Bykowski, AIA, and realized by Landscape Architects of Lucido & Associates of Stuart, Florida. The garden and its interactive sculpture will provide a calming, rejuvenating space for cancer patients, their guests, and caretakers during their time at the medical center. We will share images of the completed project once it’s installed.

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Commissioning Architectural Custom Artwork

The key to successful implementation of an artisan’s work is clear communication.

In order for the process to be positive and productive for both parties, it is imperative to define and communicate the intended stylization or theme to the artist. It is also important to select an artist who understands working with concepts. When interviewing or choosing a craftsman, concentrate on their overall technical abilities, rather than solely upon past commissions. Old World art techniques can take on a modern twist in the hands of a skilled artisan. When it comes to commissioning architectural custom artwork, artists capable of problem solving offer the best solution because they can adjust to their clients’ needs. (more…)

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