Custom Stained Glass and Metal Art Case Studies


Every custom stained glass ceiling dome has its own set of challenges and solutions. See what our Case Studies say about our experience.

Title: Crown Jewel

ruby princess chandelier

Ruby Princess Atrium ChandelierRuby Princess chandelier closeupRuby Princess atrium chandelier


The interior designer/architect of the Ruby Princess requested we engineer the plans to attach our custom-designed fabricated stained glass chandelier in the ship’s atrium securely to the deck above. Jancik solved this by fabricating a pre-fit steel mounting bracket that was shipped to the shipyard in Japan in advance, and welded to the deck above by the shipyard contractors. When the chandelier frame arrived, we mechanically secured it to the mounting bracket. Finally, the stained glass panels, designed to follow the Venetian theme, were positioned into place. We coordinated our structural frame system with the installation of the surrounding architecture, resulting in a splendid installation. Prisms of color shimmer from the chandelier’s 500 faceted crystals with the aid of compact fluorescent back lighting.

Title: Water & Ice

Royal Princess Cast Glass Screen

cast glass sample-strokescast glass sample-oceanRoyal Princess Cast Glass Screen-detailcast glass sample-high-tidecast glass sample-stix

The formal dining room entries aboard the Royal Princess (considered as one of the 10 most incredible cruise ship designs) seemed empty prior to our installation of the Jancik Arts cast glass screens in Italy. Consisting of ½” + ½” laminated and tempered low-iron Starphire glass, there exists eight groupings or units of cast glass panels. The 4-panel units stand proudly at 5’-5” at the tallest point by 11’ wide. These free-standing panels, with irregular shapes, required water jet-cut tops and aluminum bases, featuring an antique bronze finish. We strive to make each installation as efficient as possible. By providing the mounting plates in advance, the glass receivers and dress plates were mechanically attached to the welded mounting units at time of glass installation. As a treat, the interior designers gave us free reign for the glass design and texture selections.

Title: Latter-Day Saints Temples

Orlando Latter-Day Saints Temple

Latter-Day Saints Orlando installationLatter-Day Saints Temple in Santo DomingoLatter-Day Saints Temple window in Santo Domingo


The most fascinating aspect of working with the Mormons’ interior design team was their adherence to the philosophy that simple and secular design best suits their temple structures both inside and out. We found that this strict design direction was more difficult than one might imagine. To create a simple design requires discipline, and it was especially challenging for the 21’-0” diameter by 7’-6” rise stained glass ceiling dome placed in the Meditation room in the LDS temple in Orlando, Florida. Minimal individual pieces of flat, opalescent stained glass, as requested by the interior designers, made it nearly impossible to construct the compound curved shaped panels dictated by the structural metal frame. In order to problem solve, Jancik Arts first built the metal framework, then constructed forms and molds to fit the frame openings. Jancik Arts then built a mockup panel of leaded glass to fit the mold, which ensured the design was constructed to feasible specifications and was structurally sound, with a perfect fit.

The Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Mormon temple art glass followed the same design criteria as the Orlando temple; however, we were less restricted, as the twelve 7’-4” wide by 30’-0” high radius top windows are vertical flat panels, with no compound curve requirements. Also, unlike the dome, these stained glass windows are installed to the exterior of the structure, requiring triple-glazed units, with the stained glass being sandwiched between an outer and an inner layer of tempered plate glass. This protects and insulates the art glass. Varying widths of lead and the clear beveled circles that are nested in the curl of the lead scrolls give an interesting aspect to the overall look and feel of this purposefully simplistic glass design.

Title: Art Deco

Cunard Queen Elizabeth Glass Panel

Cunard Queen Elizabeth Glass PanelCunard Queen Elizabeth Glass PanelCunard Queen Elizabeth Glass Panel

Aboard the prestigious Queen Elizabeth resides the Britannia Club. Jancik Arts was entrusted to produce (8) sophisticated carved sandblasted panels consisting of ½” thick low iron Starphire glass, each measuring 10’-8” x 5’-6”, designed to reflect the first-class area of the legendary ship. The Art Deco theme is featured throughout the vessel, making the design style for the carved sandblasted glass panels specific and fun for us. The largest challenge was determining the LED edge-lighting requirements. Intentionally, the light fades as it encroaches the inner area of the panel, giving the artwork more interest and greater visual dimension. Installation in France was an enjoyable experience, despite the typical challenges of placing the artwork safely into the close tolerance openings.

Title: Art Nouveau

ocean princess atrium art nouveau ceiling dome detail
ocean atrium ceiling domesocean princess atruim ceiling domeocean princess atrium ceiling dome detail


The massive atrium aboard the Ocean Princess is large enough to accommodate two 30’-0” diameter by 3’-0” rise opalescent stained glass art nouveau ceiling domes. The domes were designed and fabricated in Jancik Arts’ Ocala, Florida, stained glass studio, where the opalescent stained glass colors were selected to complement the art nouveau interior design scheme. As a routine precaution, Jancik Arts conducted field measurements in Italy while the ship was under construction, to ensure there were no discrepancies between the shop drawings and the final physical structure. This allows for pattern adjustment prior to stained glass panel construction, resulting in a seamless installation, rather than a costly on-the-job refit.