Frequently Asked Questions About Stained Glass

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We have the expertise to answer any of your questions about stained glass ceiling domes and other special projects.


Who will install my stained glass ceiling dome?
Experienced JAI craftspeople will handle the installation of the art glass into the frame. We are also happy to supervise installation of the frame by your general contractor.

How does that large dome fit into our structure?
The JAI structural dome frame will arrive on location in sections small enough to enter your building. The frame is mechanically assembled and installed on-site by the general contractor. The art glass panels are then installed into this secured frame.

Is shipment of the art glass over a great distance a problem?
JAI is both comfortable and competent in shipping glass great distances. Many of our glass installations have taken place outside the United States and have necessitated the shipment of glass to such places as Italy, the  Dominican Republic, and Portugal.

How long does it take to build my dome?
Because this is truly a custom dome designed and fabricated specifically for you and your project, depending on the complexity of the project, completion can take approximately 4‒6 months following design approval.

Who will handle the lighting of my dome?
JAI will refer you to an experienced LED panel provider who will determine the best lighting solution for your dome.

We’ve provided project details and requested an estimate. Now what?
1) JAI will speak with the person responsible for design direction on your project.

2) Once design direction is established, a firm cost will be presented via contract. This contract, outlining the fabrication schedule and payment terms, will be drawn and signed.

3) Following a retainer in the amount agreed,  JAI will begin development of the design for the art glass and shop drawings for the frame.

4) JAI will obtain color direction from the owner/designer and then provide line drawings and suitable stained glass samples for approval.

5) Once the glass colors and line drawing have been approved, JAI will provide a 3-D rendering to illustrate the project’s overall impact.

6) Following a progress payment, ceiling dome and frame fabrication begins. JAI will forward progress photos to keep you informed on the fabrication process.

7) The balance of the contract amount is due upon completion and prior to shipment.

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