Our Glass Design and Metal Art in Action


On this page you will find our art glass and metal work offerings including leaded stained glass domes and skylights, vertical walls, and light fixtures.

Constructed in our Ocala, Florida, stained glass studio, these custom stained glass designs are tailored to each project’s unique design direction. Visit our Case Studies page for more information about some of these projects.

Our carved glass art is a deeply etched, multi-staged sandblast, featuring a sophisticated white contrast on Starphire clear glass. Cast Glass, more correctly called Slumped Glass, is sculptural in nature and a popular choice for those who desire dimensional glass void of color. Typically 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick, cast glass can be installed in all applications where plate glass might otherwise be used.

Another visually similar product is our new line of Fire-Polished Glass. Unlike cast glass, this technique is not dependent upon molds, thereby greatly expanding the design possibilities.

Decorative fabricated metal in materials ranging from copper and brass to aluminum and steel define our architectural grill work, sculpture, and decorative ceiling panels. A natural companion to art glass, our art metal creations often marry the two, resulting in a truly unique dimensional, textural, and colorful work of art.

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