Handsome Decorative Grilles Installed with Ease

Interior designers have incredible imaginations. Visions that can be quickly sketched on paper or realized in their minds are sometimes a production challenge.

And that’s where the fun begins!


Jancik Arts International specializes in production challenge solutions, or as we like to call it, production challenge prevention.

Recently, a design team approached Jancik Arts to manufacture and install three 3-foot by 8-foot 6-inch decorative metal grilles at the registration desk of the Atlanta Airport Hilton. One of the panels was horizontally positioned on the face of the registration desk, while the other two panels were situated vertically on wall behind the desk.

Because the specs called for no exposed fasteners, the challenge was to produce a seamless and safe installation with hidden fasteners. Jancik Arts met the designers’ desire for a sleek solution by using a “keyhole” system mounting bracket.

The keyholes were water jet cut, producing precise locations and identical shapes. Then, the backside of each keyhole in the bracket was machined so the bracket could rest tightly against the mounting surface while allowing a space for the strategically placed buttons on the back of the decorative screen to poke through. These buttons slide into the smaller opening of the keyhole to lock the panels into place.

The bracket, made of a quarter-inch by one-inch flat bar frame, matches the edging dimensions of the water jet cut decorative screen, making installation a breeze.

decorative grilles brackets

The pre-fit flat bar frame brackets are measured for placement and mounted to the surface, with the appropriate screws through the pre-drilled countersunk holes.

decorative grilles mounting

The decorative panel with buttons attached to the back line up perfectly with the keyholes on the bracket. A slide from right to left, or up to down, depending on the panel installation orientation, makes for a simple, solid connection.

The result is a clean look with an easy, quick, and professional onsite installation. The panels appear to float off the wall with no visible means of attachment!

So, dream on designers—Jancik Arts loves keeping up with your imaginations!

Atlanta Airport Hilton reception desk

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