Meet the Stained Glass Artists

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Founded in 1978, Jancik Arts International, Inc. (JAI) is a world-renowned artisan studio specializing in art glass and metal.

JAI fulfills artistic visions for architects and interior designers in all types of environments: residential, commercial, religious, contemporary, and traditional. We are a full-service studio, supervising every aspect of the project, from design and production to installation.

We are committed to preserving the integrity of that centuries’ old art form, stained glass. From the leaded glass method of Old World craftsmen to the innovative copper foil method of Louis Comfort Tiffany, our stained glass artists employ each technique to its particular strength, ensuring the beauty, longevity, and structural soundness of our installations.

Each art glass creation is custom designed, and to preserve and protect authenticity, our designs are copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress.

Our track record speaks for itself. To date, one hundred percent of our projects have been completed on time and within budget, and ninety-five percent of our business comes from the referrals of satisfied clients.


Angelique Jackson

Angelique Jackson
President and Chief Creative Officer

Angelique is an internationally awarded artist with 38 years of design experience and a commercially trained background in structural drafting.

“I believe combining visual drama with the greatest structural integrity available is essential to creating dynamic architectural artwork that consistently exceeds expectations.

“Stained glass design is a careful, exacting process that translates into unexpected emotion for both the client and the designer. When light streams through the finished art glass project and bathes the room in rich colored shimmering shapes, the technical aspect of the process vanishes in the face of the stunning aftereffect.

“I find that each client arrives with their own sense of anticipation and excitement, and because I strive to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for all, many relationships continue long after the installation of the artwork.”

JoAnn Jancik

JoAnn Jancik
Master Glass Fabricator

JoAnn has a master’s degree in education, with post-graduate work in the same field from the University of Southern Mississippi. A self-taught glass artist with guidance from fourth generation glass artist David Clymer, she has been the master fabricator for Jancik Arts International since 1978 and still maintains oversight of all glass construction.

“Glass is an ageless and artistic medium given life by the confluence of time and light. My goal is to provide each client with more than they ever envisioned in a piece of art glass. I want to give them a work of stained glass that creates not just a beautiful object, but an ever-changing piece of inspiration and joy.”