SHARE Restaurants on Princess Cruises/Holland America Revits

Completion of the Chef Curtis Stone SHARE Restaurant Signage

Jancik Arts International (JAI) and Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) are pleased to announce the completion of decorative art glass and metal signage screens in Chef Curtis Stone’s signature SHARE restaurants for the Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess revits. The screens are eight feet tall and span five panels.

Given a tight deadline and a limited budget, we simplified JBI’s original concept to stay within the project’s specific parameters without sacrificing the design’s intent.

To save weight, we used CNC routing for the aluminum framework and dressed the frames with a blackened steel finish. The result is a stunning wall of shape and texture.

Because the constant micro vibrations on a cruise ship can lead to wear and tear on the glass, we secured each piece of glass within the frame using proprietary techniques to avoid rattling and potential breakage.

The revit of a cruise ship usually lasts three weeks, so every minute saved during installation is instrumental in delivering a ship on time. To this end, we engineered mounting brackets to assist the contractors with a safe and speedy installation.

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