Cast Glass Walls

Creative room dividers provide elegant form and function.


Cast glass walls were the perfect solution when the Marriott Residence Inn Charlotte, NC needed to create a visual interruption between their hotel lobby registration desk area and adjacent library.

Light transmission was important to give the installation the sense of openness desired, so decorative dividers of custom kiln formed low-iron cast glass panels were created to form the wall. There are a total of ten 72-inch high by 53-inch wide art glass panels installed in a double wall configuration situated between existing columns.

cast glass wall 2 Charlotte Residence Inn Marriott NC

LED up lighting is concealed in a structural wood base with access panels designed to service the lighting fixtures. There are five back-to-back sections of cast glass walls, with a 12-inch separation to accommodate the LED up lighting. Glass walls are capped with 14-inch wide by 2-inch thick clear Plexiglas.

Field measurements were provided by the general contractor. Shop drawings were produced by Jancik Arts International, Inc. for approval, and then the glass panels were manufactured to specs. Our client, LPBC Architects, suggested accent 2-inch by 4-inch by ¼-inch thick plates with decorative rivets be adhered to the face of the glass as an additional point of interest. Also provided, matching bronze finished aluminum vertical plates for the connection to the columns. The cast glass wall pairs are supported in the middle with a custom bronze finished stand-off system.

cast glass wall Charlotte Residence Inn Marriott NC

Lead time is important in any project, and with two weeks required for shop drawing submission, followed by a two week sample submission for approval, and a four week production schedule for the cast glass wall panels to be created, crated, and shipped, this was an efficient and elegant solution.

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Jancik Arts International Teams with Worthington Millworks

Jancik Arts International is pleased to announce an agreement with Worthington Millwork to distribute our new exclusive line of stained glass ceiling domes.


At a size of 6 feet 8 inches, these beautiful interior domes can be positioned effortlessly into any structure, through any door, and are quick and easy to install. Made of real stained glass, and handcrafted individually in the United States, our ceiling domes make an exquisite statement in your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, foyer, or any area in your home. The timeless designs and elegant hues of our stained glass domes enhance and brighten any space.

livingroom stained glass ceiling dome

Our beautiful Savoy dome adds elegance in a dining area

Harlequin stained glass ceiling dome

Our stylish Harlequin dome graces a bathroom ceiling

Manor stained glass ceiling dome

Our Manor dome makes a sophisticated statement in a foyer

Angelique Jackson, president of Jancik Arts International said, “We are excited to work with Worthington Millwork. With more than 20,000 clients, Worthington Millwork’s knowledge of the luxury home industry is invaluable. We designed the domes specifically to meet a variety of needs. The dome frame, plus authentic stained glass inserts, can be installed in less than 3 hours and shipped within approximately 4‒5 weeks of the order.”

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Stained Glass for Worship Spaces

With more than 36 years of experience in creating stained glass structures for diverse worship spaces, Jancik Arts International, Inc. has built a solid reputation of high-level craftsmanship, meeting the highest of standards, deadlines, and budgets.


LDS stained glass dome

“Celestial” 21-foot dome ‒ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Orlando, FL

Jancik Arts has created and installed original and owner supplied designs for religious structures worldwide, including projects ranging from massive 21-foot diameter stained glass domes to intimate art glass and metal chandeliers. Our experience in stained glass, carved glass, decorative acrylic, and art metal work offers members of all faiths a unique opportunity to commission inspirational art. (more…)

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For the Love of Stained Glass Design: Frank Lloyd Wright

Stained glass design is a unique element in architectural design.


Known for its radiant beauty and inspiration, the elegant freedom of art glass is paradoxically bound to form and structure.

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most accomplished and influential figures in stained glass design. He understood the relationship between not only form and structure, but form and function, leading Wright to design stained glass skylights, backlit stained glass ceiling panels, art glass wall sconces, and leaded glass table lamps, all in his classic geometric style. (more…)

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How To Order a Custom Stained Glass Ceiling Dome

All stained glass domes are not created equal


Jancik Arts is working on an oval stained glass ceiling dome for a private residence. Very few stained glass studios have the expertise to create a true oval dome.

In this article, we are covering the basics of ordering a custom stained glass ceiling dome. While budget is often the main driver for stained glass domes, there are many aspects that should be taken into account.

Stained Glass Dome Request

A general contractor recently asked us to create an oval dome. The conversation went a bit like this:

“Can you produce a large 7’-0” x 11’-0” oval dome that includes the frame and stained glass?” Our answer was a resounding “Yes!” “How did you hear about us?” we asked.

“A stained glass dome specialty company in California told us that they were unable to construct a difficult oval shape, but felt certain that Jancik Arts International, Inc. could.”

It’s a fact that very few companies in the United States have this capability. You might wonder why an oval shaped dome would be more difficult to create than a round one.  (more…)

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SHARE Restaurants on Princess Cruises/Holland America Revits

Completion of the Chef Curtis Stone SHARE Restaurant Signage

Jancik Arts International (JAI) and Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) are pleased to announce the completion of decorative art glass and metal signage screens in Chef Curtis Stone’s signature SHARE restaurants for the Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess revits. The screens are eight feet tall and span five panels.

Given a tight deadline and a limited budget, we simplified JBI’s original concept to stay within the project’s specific parameters without sacrificing the design’s intent.

To save weight, we used CNC routing for the aluminum framework and dressed the frames with a blackened steel finish. The result is a stunning wall of shape and texture.

Because the constant micro vibrations on a cruise ship can lead to wear and tear on the glass, we secured each piece of glass within the frame using proprietary techniques to avoid rattling and potential breakage.

The revit of a cruise ship usually lasts three weeks, so every minute saved during installation is instrumental in delivering a ship on time. To this end, we engineered mounting brackets to assist the contractors with a safe and speedy installation.

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Old World Craft, New World Spaces

Old world crafts are finding a comfortable niche in new world, high tech structures.

Ironwork, stained glass, leaded art glass, mosaics, architectural woodcarving, and even faux paint finishes, are adorning our public spaces again. These symbols of a weathered time in history, when detailed construction represented the crowning achievement of master craftsmen, are visual reminders of our ability to stir the soul with great works of art. Handcrafted elements work hand-in-hand with fine art in new hospitality environments, adding warmth and emotional appeal to prospective clients and potential clientele. (more…)

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The Copper Foil vs. Leaded Technique Myth

What’s all the fuss about? Why must one technique be “better” than the other? Why can’t emphasis be placed on high level craftsmanship, rather than the unnecessary and unfounded claims of one technique’s “superiority” over the other?

For those of you unfamiliar with the terms/techniques of copper foil and lead, let me briefly explain:

For centuries, the traditional method of stained glass fabrication called Leaded has utilized H-shaped strips, or came, to capture within its channels, each edge (more…)

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